How big is SimpleMMO?

Despite the name, SimpleMMO provides a lot of depth and the codebase that it is built upon is quite complex. It has been built for almost 3 and a half years now. This has given me an interesting idea for a blog post …

Let’s find how big SimpleMMO is

Let’s dive into the numbers…

There have been a total of 550,090 registered players on SimpleMMO.

Over 240,395,685 steps have been taken. That’s almost a quarter of a billion steps. Bloody hell! That’s approximately 205,349.5 KM assuming you are 180cm and walking briskly. The moon is 384,400 KM away. We’ve almost made it! Up yours doge coin!

Over 62,509,426 non-playable characters have given their life for the greater good. Those poor 1s and 0s.

4,487,929 players have been defeated in PvP. I’m sure the majority of them are from guild wars. The rest are most likely players who have reached level 100 and have suffered a fate worse than death. Those poor souls.

There have been a total number of 161,528,763 items that have hit peoples inventories. Crikey! 43,656,019 of them still remain in peoples inventories right now. It’s time for people to start clearing it soon because the inventory limit will be enforced shortly.

51,936,766 quests have been performed whether they were successful or not. That’s a lot of gigantic chickens that have been battled!

11,337,057 items have been sold on the in-game market. People love the market so much that some play the game solely as traders.

351,000 waves have been sent. That’s a lot of waving! I’m sure we could harness this wind energy somehow to power the servers. If anyone who is competent in the field of wind energy, let me know how we can achieve this!

There have been a total of 1,025 guilds created in the game. I think 100 of them have been created by myself for testing related reasons.

Over 5,757,187 chat messages have been sent in the global chat.

SimpleMMO has been played in 106 countries within the last 30 days. The top five countries are: United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada, Russia

Over 6,932 players have suffered the wrath from Gren the Bitter because they failed to say hello to him!

256 suggestions have been accepted since the introduction of the suggestion system in the early months of 2020.

122 of those suggestions have actually made it into the game!

Over 1,227 players have been permanently banned for breaking the rules.

There are 13 moderators, and 12 advisers.

We have 1 full time developer working on SimpleMMO games codebase.

We have 1 person working on translating the game into Russian.

We have 1 contracted developer working on the SimpleMMO Android wrapper.

Now let’s dive into the technical stats

The entire database contains more than 134 tables. That is huge. It is most certainly the biggest database I have ever worked with! And I have worked with some huge systems in my past. Every table has a model, but not every mode has a table.

The game contains over 140 models. Think of models like assets in the game. A “guild” is a model. A “chat message” is a model. A “user” is a model. Even the small things like a “wave”. The next biggest system I have worked on only had ~40 models so the difference is huge.

We have made over 2,268 commits to the SimpleMMO master branch code base. This basically means we have made 2,268 updates to the game that have been finalised.

The game has served over 409,428,471 requests in the last month alone. That is almost half a billion requests in just 30 days. Crazy! We don’t have stats beyond 30 days.

We have served over 3.05 TB of data in the past 30 days. 1.67 TB of that was cached thanks to CloudFlare!

In the past 30 days, we have had a total of 141,987 unique visitors to SimpleMMO. Crazy! I never imagined it would ever get to that point.

SimpleMMO contains over 140,954 lines of code. This is lines of code that we have wrote ourselves (not including the framework). If you wanted to include the framework and all other packages that the game uses, then the total would come to 2,930,085 lines of code. However, it’s not really fair to count that one. To compare, Minecraft has around 280,000 lines of code if you run the command:

find src -type f | grep ‘\.java’ | xargs cat | wc -l; 

Not too shabby for a simple game, eh?

6 thoughts on “How big is SimpleMMO?

  1. this is so awesome, i wish you get more and more success and for this game to gain more and more popularity <3.

  2. you should improve stepping process (step options/choices, dungeons/hidden bosses), add houses and/or gardens, maybe cities for guilds, more locations, buffs, maybe skills, more collection prizes. After all of that the game still will be simple but richer

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