SimpleMMO v11 – Our Largest Update Ever

Aaaand… it’s that time again! No warnings. No hype. Just the biggest update ever!

Painfully, we have made the mistake in the past on announcing our major updates months prior to release. This puts un-necessary stress on us due to two reasons: we are constantly getting asked when the update will be released, and we feel pressured to release it as soon as possible because people are waiting for it. That is why this update has had no prior talk or announcements. We have just been taking our time and gradually grinding away at this for the past 6 or so months.

Reliably, v10 was huge.… but this update is bigger. better. revolutionary. It literally turns SimpleMMO on it’s head. We are introducing new features to the game that will have a giant impact on your gameplay. Not just that, but we are completely overhauling the entire way the game is played. From levelling, to customisation and rewards. The game is almost entirely new… but it’s not.

It’s just better.

Look, most of these changes will be welcomes by the player base. But, admittedly, some of these changes will have a negative impact of some of the “outliners” (i.e. the high level players).

Frankly, our main goal is to make the game sustainable. You may have noticed this with the changes we have introduced in the past month. We have introduced limits to the Knight feature, increased the prices for certain commodities to help control the inflation of gold (and it’s working too!). This update extends upon this principle and will introduce a lot of similar changes. Some are small and some are large.

Other than that, please rest assured that all changes are for the good of the game. Initially, they may be a hard pill to swallow, but, in time, you will realise that they are ultimately for the better.

On, we will make a seperate blog post going through all of the changes in detail, but let’s just take a look at the major ones.

Literally, we overhauled the entire travel system.

Since the creation of SimpleMMO, the travelling system has been the main part of the SimpleMMO. It basically is SimpleMMO. It’s literally what makes the game so simple. However, we are unsatisfied with it. The idea of it is sound, the implementation of it is ‘aight but the potential of it is incredible.

We have been experimenting with multiple proof-of-concepts on how to improve the travelling system. We must have tried about 20 various implantations before we came up with an idea that we were satisfied with.

The new travelling system is revolutionary. It now allows you to traverse an actual map in game. All maps are grid-based and they can go up to monumental sizes of 400×400 positions per map. That means there are over 160,000 squares on the map that you can traverse. You can travel up, down, left and right. Your current location will be designated by a X,Y coordinate. You can even meet up with people by going to the same X,Y coordinate and travel together!

This system is flawless. It now emulates the style of an MMO without having to sacrifice the “one button press” shtick the game has going for it. However, due to the limitations of the mechanics, we are now reintroducing limited steps. You can only step 100 times within 30 minutes. This can be “refilled” or even upgraded entirely by purchasing the update in the diamond store.

We can’t wait for you to try it! There is so many new aspects and hidden gems that it will require a seperate blog post entirely!

Pet Levels and Battling

Ask and ye shall receive! This has been a popular request since the dawn of SimpleMMO and we have finally implemented it. Pets are no longer designated as “items” and now they are their own seperate entity in its entirety. You can level them up, battle them with other players, customise them, feed them. play with them and so much more. Think “Tamagotchi” but…like… 10 times better.

The only caveat is that all existing pets have been reset to level 1. You can also purchase stronger and better pets directly in the diamond store!

Level Cap

The infiniteness of the game, in theory, is fantastic. It allows you to reach un-imaginable levels of power. You are only limited in how much time you invest in the game. However, in practice, it is simply too difficult to balance a game with players that have a literal 500,000 level gap between them.

Because of this, we are now introducing a level cap of 1,000. Any users that are above Level 1,000 will be reduced to level 1,000 and will receive 1 diamond per 1,000 levels above this limit.

Diamond Chests

We wanted to make a way for players to easily obtaining better and more powerful items without needing to fill up their inventory space with old and un-needed items. Because of this, we are introducing Diamond Chests. Diamond chests can be opened with diamond keys and they have a 50% chance of finding a celestial. That means you have a 1 in 2 chance of finding a celestial every time you open the chest. However, the caveat is that they are expensive. You can purchase a single diamond key in the diamond store for 50 diamonds. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds….

Battle Overhaul

The entire battle system has now been entirely overhauled. We mulled over this for quite some time. We have always wanted to extend the battle system but we worried about ruining the integrity of the games simplicity. However, we have finally reached a system that retains its simplicity but adds unimaginable amount of depth.

Now, each item has the potential for 4 elemental effects; fire, ice, stone, nature. Each elemental effect has a strength and a weakness to ensure everything is balanced. There is no single effect that is the best.

Due to this, now all enemies generated in the battle arena now have an assigned elemental effect to them. You can come across a “Fire Vorok” or an “Ice Acroflar”. You will have to strategically use your elemental items to defeat them more efficiently.

However, due to so many structural and integrity changes that have been made, the EXP gain has been reduced by 45% and has been capped at 500,000 EXP per kill. Players who are PvP heavy can only kill 50 players every 24 hours. This cap can be reset by using diamonds.

Not just that but the gold you can steal from players has been capped at 1% and you now have a 2% chance of stealing diamonds from other players.

We can’t wait for you to try it.


Guilds have had a bit of a makeover and they now reset every month to ensure the maximum amount of competitiveness between each guild. This is similar to the “seasons” mechanic you may see in other games. The guilds are placed in tiers depending on how many members they have and they will compete against other guilds in that tier in regards to EXP gained.

The winners of each tier will receive 100 power points.

We have also added a few more changes. Guilds can now assign a officer to do actions on their behalf. The maximum amount of EXP that a guild can obtain in a guild war has now been capped at 10,000 EXP regardless of who the enemy is.

There are many changes so be sure to check out the update log.

Quality of life additions/notable mentions

  • Diamond store balancing. It now costs 35 diamonds to refill your energy points.
  • You now cannot attack online players.
  • Silver key price has been increased to 150,000 gold per key at a 5,000 gold increment.
  • Inventory limit has been decreased to 1,000 from 20,000. Please ensure that you reduce your inventory numbers by the 31st April 2022.
  • Market tax has been increased to 20%.
  • Lots of crafting improvements such as more items and materials.
  • You can now marry other players if your interaction level is high enough.

You can view the entire update log by going to

We hope that you enjoy the update! Let us know what your favourite change is in the comments below.

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