The brand-new SimpleMMO Web App is available to all players

Every player, regardless if they have purchased membership, now has access to the brand-new SimpleMMO Web App.

After hundreds of hours in development and testing, this brand-new web app overhauls every single inch and crevice of the old web app. The development time for this project was long, hard, and incredibly time-consuming. In fact, this was the single biggest undertaking we have committed to since the creation of the game.

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Let’s do a quick Q&A.

What’s different?

The Web App now is up-to-date with the Android app meaning all of the missing features on the old Web App are now accessible.

How will this Web App be different to the old one?

We will be treating the new Web App like a complete separate entity to the Android version of the game. This may mean that the new Web App will get features that are only accessible to the Web App. One of our mistakes that we made was treating both the Web App and the Android app in conjunction with each other which led to its many faults. Despite this decision, both the Web App and Android app will use the same semantic versioning as it has always used. This means that both the Android and the Web App will use the same version (example v9.4).

I don’t like change. Can I return back to the old one?

No, it has perished. Vanished. Gone. Thrown into space and set on fire. It was recently made obsolete and it is so out of date that it would be a very poor representation of what the game has become. Even though the new web app is still in beta testing, it performs much better than the old web app.

Will there be bugs?

Yes, there will be bugs. It is a beta after all and it is to be expected due to the nature of an overhaul. We have made a great effort in fixing a great number of bugs but some of them still linger. If you experience any bugs, please post them on the in-game discussion boards.

I have some suggestions on how to make it better. Where can I send them?

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them on the “Suggestions” discussion board in-game. If you tag the title as [Web App] then you will get bonus points.

We hope you enjoy the brand new web-app!

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2 thoughts on “The brand-new SimpleMMO Web App is available to all players

  1. Когда вы добавите русский язык? Жду уже пол года
    When will you add Russian? I’ve been waiting for half a year now.

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