The Introduction of Player to Player Trading

As noted on our public road map, the introduction of trading will arrive sometime within the 3rd quarter. I am very pleased to announce that direct player-to-player trading will arrive in SimpleMMO this week.

For a long time, players have been trading assets by sending items and gold between two accounts without the guarantee that all of goods will actually arrive. It was a system that relied mostly on trust.

The trade system will change this. Two players can set up a direct trade between each other and then put in X amount of items and gold. Once both parties are satisfied with what they will be sending/receiving, they can accept the trade. Once accepted, the items and gold will automatically transfer between each account therefore eliminating any form of risk.

Let’s go through the process on the web app.

Scenario: I want to exchange 100,000 gold coins and 1 Spirit Deer for 100 Fallen Leaves. This is how I would do it.

Navigate to the players profile and press on the arrow button to bring up a list of actions. Press “Trade”

This will bring up a list of all past and current trades I have made with this player. To create a new trade, I will press “New Trade” on the top right of the screen.

A new trade will be created. From this screen, I am able to add/remove any amount of items or gold. I can also see what the other player has offered within this trade on the left hand side.

Let’s start off with the gold. To add gold to the trade, I simply need press the “Add Gold” button. This will bring up a page that will display how much gold I want to add. I can add any amount of gold that is on my character. The game will first withdraw from the bank and then the equipped pocket if I do not have enough there.

Once I’ve added the 100,000 gold. You can see it displayed on the trade page.

Now for the items. I can add items to the trade by pressing the “Add Items” button. This will bring up the inventory with all of the item that I have on my character. To add an item to the trade, all I need to do is simply press “Add To Trade”

On the following page, I can enter how many items I want to add to the trade. It is limited to 100 items per trade. If you wish to send more than 100, you will need segment it into multiple trades.

Once I have added the item to the trade, I can see it displayed on the trade page on the right side.

If you look closely, the other player has added 100 leaves to the trade while I was doing that.

The trade now consists of the following:
– I will receive 100 Fallen Leaves
– I will send 100,000 gold and 1 Spirit Deer

As I have verified it by checking checking the overview, I can go ahead and press the “accept” button.

This will bring up a prompt to ensure that you are not doing it by mistake.

As I was the first player to accept the trade, I now need to wait for the other player to accept the trade too. As you can see, the other player has not accepted the trade yet.

After a few minutes, the other player also accepted the trade. If I give the page a quick refresh, I can see that the trade has finalised. I will have also received a notification telling me that the trade was complete.

And it’s as simple as that! The Android app will work in the exact same way.

This feature will arrive in SimpleMMO sometime later this week. Join our discord to keep updated on the status of new updates.


  • The above screenshots are not final and may change when the feature has been released.
  • The fees for using this feature are still under review.
  • You will still be able to send gold and items using the old way.

13 thoughts on “The Introduction of Player to Player Trading

  1. Any chance we will see a separate message log for each trade? Would help with keeping things clear during trades.

  2. Sounds awesome! What happens if they change their offer after you accept though?
    Does it cancel your acceptance automatically or are you locked into it?

  3. Nice! Even though I’m still new to this game, I know that his new feature will help me in the future.

  4. Hi Mike!

    It is limited to 100 per trade. Before this feature, if someone would like to send a large quantity of items, for example 1000, it is the sender’s sole responsibility to segment that 1000 items into 10 batches and send to the receiver. Now with the feature, the receiver needs to accept the trade of those batches, it becomes a burden on both sides.

    What I meant by the game segmenting the trade into batches was that instead of asking the sender to only send 100 items per trade, the game could allow the sender to send more than 100 items per trade, and it divides those items into batches of 100 without the traders needing to know and sends those batches one by one at the background. With this way, the game server still processes the send under the 100 limit and at the same time makes the trade more enjoyable.

    What do you think?

    1. The trade system is limited to 100 items due to performance related reasons. In theory, is is possible to segment the process into different batches and have them queued up before they are processed. However, the work required to implement such a process will be made redundant when the inventory system inevitably gets refactored (eventually). It would be a waste of significant resources, unfortunately.

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