Another update on SimpleMMO

A few months back, we gave an update on SimpleMMO, outlining the game’s current state and our commitment to resolving existing issues before introducing new mechanics. Our plan remains unchanged, but we’ve slightly revised the timeline. It is taking longer than we expected to get back on track.

When we initially published the post (available here), our timeline was based on the expectation that our new game IdleMMO would launch in summer. This release would enable us to redirect more resources to SimpleMMO at the start of autumn (or fall, for our American audience).

However, the situation evolved unexpectedly. Due to a significant surge in interest for IdleMMO, we decided to postpone its release to the end of the year. This delay allows us additional time to further polish the game. This decision was carefully considered and you can read about our rationale here. As a result, we haven’t yet been able to fully move over development resources back to SimpleMMO. However, this doesn’t mean we haven’t been developing both games concurrently – we definitely have. Our recent updates have mostly been behind-the-scenes, resulting in no notable changes in the update log. However, as IdleMMO’s release nears, with a target of mid-December, we are increasingly focusing on ensuring a smooth launch.

So, let’s just clarify one thing by being extremely clear: SimpleMMO’s development will slowly return back to normal once all IdleMMO‘s apps have been published. In fact, recently, I’ve been itching to move back over to SimpleMMO for an extremely welcome change of pace. However, right now, this isn’t possible due to IdleMMO’s imminent release.

Why is there no update log of everything that happens behind-the-scenes?

I’ve noticed this question raised multiple times before, and simply put, there’s no need for such detailed technical updates. They would likely create more confusion than clarity. For instance, if we mentioned migrating our caching driver from file-based storage to a Redis key-value database, or applying middleware to update the client’s connecting IP to the one that connects to Cloudflare’s edge, it would prompt questions like “What does this mean? What is Redis?” Providing such intricate technical details serves no practical purpose and would only consume valuable time.

Future Expectations for SimpleMMO

I touched on this in my last post, but to recap, many upcoming updates will significantly enhance existing systems. Additionally, the mobile UI will undergo a substantial overhaul to incorporate a more modern design pattern—we already have a working prototype of this.

Until then, you have the winter holidays event to look forward to which will start on Friday December 15th.

If you haven’t already pre-registered for our upcoming game IdleMMO, you can pre-register here. You can also join our Discord for a chance to participate in our closed beta testing.

Feel free to let us know any questions you have in the comment box below.

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  1. This update is fine with me. I honestly prefer things in the cycle to be like this. I’m glad to hear you value quality! Honestly my favorite indi dev right here.

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