IdleMMO is now available to everyone!

We are extremely pleased to announce the opening of the IdleMMO public beta!

We will be slowly phasing out the announcement to help stagger the number of active players and reduce the strain on the servers. This may take between 1 and 3 days (with pre-registration emails being the last due to the substantially higher amount of users who have pre-registered compared).

You can play now at on your desktop or mobile device.

As of right now, the game is only playable on the Web App only. The mobile applications are expected to launch in January or February. This approach ensures that we don’t hasten the development of each game version, but instead allow them to evolve steadily, in line with our core belief of releasing well-polished products instead of unfinished ones. Despite this, the game can be fully accessed and played on mobile devices through the Web App.

You can find out more about our future plans by reading our roadmap here:

You can also read more about the game via our official wiki here:

We hope you enjoy IdleMMO! You can let us know your thoughts by joining our Discord server:

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