IdleMMO v0.12.0 – Guilds, Raids, Challenges, Shrines + more

In this post, we’ll provide a sneak peek into the new mechanics that will be introduced in v0.12.0.

It’s important to note that everything discussed here is currently under development and may undergo adjustments prior to the official release. Consider this a small taster of what’s to come. The comprehensive patch notes available upon release will serve as the definitive guide to all the changes.


We initially considered incorporating guilds into IdleMMO from the start, but we chose to postpone their implementation. Our decision was rooted in the desire for guilds to have substance and purpose rather than merely existing for the sake of it. We aimed to introduce guilds thoughtfully, ensuring they align with the overall game design philosophy.

Guilds have been designed to ensure a seamless user experience, consistent with the carefully crafted design philosophy of the game, where most interactions occur on a single page.

Guild Creation

To create a guild, a character must pay a significant gold fee. This fee was deliberately set at a high value because establishing and leading a guild demands substantial investment in both time and resources.

After the guild is created, the guild page is presented, showcasing everything from the array of actions available to guild leaders to editing the guild’s appearance, allowing for a unique and personalized touch.

Guild Level

The guild incorporates a leveling system that progresses through participation in diverse guild activities. This leveling mechanism not only mirrors the guild’s activity level, which is vital for ascending the leaderboards, but also unlocks specific perks. As the guild’s level rises, certain capabilities expand. For instance, higher-level guilds can issue more challenges within a 24-hour period compared to lower-level guilds.

Furthermore, the number of available member slots increases as the guild’s level progresses. Initially, guilds are capped at 20 members, but this can expand to a maximum of 25 members based on the guild’s level. We intentionally imposed this relatively small limit to uphold a focused, manageable, and balanced community.

Guild Icons and Backgrounds

To enhance guild individuality, we offer customization options for backgrounds and icons. Guilds can personalize their background by selecting from those purchased by the leader from the market. This allows for cohesive branding across both the guild and profile.

Icons, on the other hand, are distinct entities with their own designated category in the vendor. They can be acquired for a nominal token fee, providing a wide array of options for guild representation.

Changing either the background or icon is a straightforward process. By clicking on the respective edit icon, guilds can seamlessly update their appearance to reflect their character.

Guild Description

The guild description is like the heart of the guild, setting it apart from others. It can tell a story about how the guild was formed or list the requirements for joining. It’s a way for the guild to express its identity and values to potential members.

We’ve designed the guild description to work seamlessly with Markdown, offering even more flexibility for creativity to each guild.

Guild Raids

Guild members can participate in raids to earn experience and rewards. Raids are collaborative events organized by the guild leader and prearranged by high-ranking members. Members can join a lobby before the raid starts, and once the scheduled timer runs out, the raid begins automatically.

Guilds have access to a variety of raids, each designed to scale in time. Higher-tier raids require more time to complete but offer greater rewards in terms of experience per participant and experience gained per second. This means that although they demand more time, they provide richer rewards for both the guild and its members.

The guild’s experience gain hinges on the number of participants in the raid. More participants yeilds more experience points for the guild.

Users scheduling a guild raid can select a specific start time for the event. This feature is particularly valuable for coordinating with members across different time zones, ensuring everyone can participate at a convenient time.

Individual participants earn experience by successfully completing guild raids, receiving both Combat Experience and Guild Mastery Experience.

Participants forfeit rewards if they leave a raid prematurely, resulting in reduced rewards for the guild as well.

Guild Challenges

Challenges serve as a way for the guild to accumulate experience quickly. Members holding specific ranks within the guild have the authority to generate challenges, each lasting for a duration of 24 hours.

These challenges foster collaboration within the guild, encouraging members to work collectively towards shared objectives, such as acquiring specific tems and subsequently contributing them to the challenge.

Upon successful completion, the guild earns experience points. Notably, participants are rewarded with an additional 2 experience points for every item contributed towards the challenge, irrespective of whether the challenge is completed or not.

As the guild levels up, more challenges can be generated. If a challenge is deemed to be too difficult, higher ranking members of the guild can refresh a specific task.

Guild Mastery

Guild mastery is a persistent game level that remains with the character even if they leave a guild. It serves as a testament to a player’s dedication to supporting the guilds they join. Although initially, there may not be significant benefits to increasing the guild mastery level at release, we have confirmed plans to expand its functionality. This includes enhancing the rewards obtained from performing raids, providing further incentives for players to increase their guild mastery level.

Guild Ranks

In the guild hierarchy, there are three ranks—Soldier, Officer, and Leader—each with distinct permissions. The Leader holds the highest authority and there can only be one Leader at a time. Soldiers are regular guild members with no extra permissions. Officers have additional privileges, such as generating tasks and accepting player invitations.

As the guilds feature in IdleMMO expands, the ranks will also grow in complexity. We’ve intentionally designed the system to be highly dynamic, allowing us to seamlessly add, modify, or remove ranks in the future as needed.

Guild Marks

Marks serve as currency earned through guild challenges, granting access to various guild mechanics such as refreshing challenges and participating in raids.

Currently, the primary method to acquire marks is by completing challenges.

By utilizing in-game marks as a form of currency earned through standard gameplay activities, we ensure seamless integration of future guild mechanics, fostering a cohesive system.

Shrine of the Old Gods

The Shrine of the Old Gods is a game mechanic where the community collaborates to achieve a common goal, earning game-wide boosts for everyone’s benefit. If you’ve played our other game, SimpleMMO, you might recognize a similar mechanic called the “Orphanage.”

However, shrines operate slightly differently. To donate to a shrine, characters must first be near one. Fortunately, shrines are located in almost every location (though not all), and they can be easily accessed by pressing the “Nearby” button.

The shrine features multiple tiers, with each tier offering a boost to every character in the game. Once a tier is reached, the boosts becomes active and all progress goes towards the next tier. We’ve intentionally designed the system to allow tiers to activate gradually throughout the day, based on when the goal was reached, or all at once, providing a larger combined boost.

Updated Wiki

While still a work in progress, the wiki has undergone a slight revamp, featuring more comprehensive information about various game mechanics along with overall design and structural enhancements. While I won’t delve into specifics, here’s an example of the changes made:

Additional Changes

Version 0.12.0 marks our largest update yet, packed with numerous additional changes to the game including many changes that improve its quality of life. For instance, we’re introducing key binds that enable web users to swiftly and seamlessly switch between characters without relying on their mouse.

A comprehensive list of these minor changes will be included in the patch notes upon the release of v0.12.

Release Date

We don’t have a set release date for this update yet. We’ll release it when we feel it’s ready, whether that’s tomorrow, Thursday, or even next week. However, we’re confident that we’re very close to release; we just want to ensure everything works correctly and that the underlying code is extremely robust before making it public. As always, stay tuned to our Discord server for notifications when this update drops.

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